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Set up alerts for specific types of birds, or families of birds. You can receive an email, an sms or an iPhone alert when a spotting is reported. You can also set up alerts for bird status, for common, or rare bird alerts. More

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Birding News has a number of ways in which you can search for bird sightings. They can be restricted by bird, or bird family, to area, dates, times, maturity, sex and rarity, and any combination of the above. More

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All bird spottings that are posted can be sorted and displayed on a map for easy access to location data. This shows you quickly and easily what's close to you, whats clumped together, and what's too far to travel to.


Bird Alerts - Information

Bird Alerts
Bird alerts are designed so that you can have information emailed, sms'd or sent to your iPhone application as it comes in to us. That means if you are wanting information on a specific bird, or family of birds then you can have it sent to you as soon as it hits Birding News.

As well as having this information sent to you immediatly, you can also choose to have it sent as a daily digest (one email with all of the days sightings in that you have chosen this option for) or a weekly digest.

There are a number of parameters that you can set when creating an alert. There is a posibility of filtering by bird species, bird family, or alert status. On top of that you can specify a point on a map, and a distance around this point. You will only then be sent spottings that occure in that area. If these are left blank then all areas will be included in the alert. You could also set up a number of alerts that were just rare bird alerts, or other combinations.

It is possible to set up as many bird alerts as you want to, but please remember when setting up alerts that they may overlap each other. For example if you wanted to be sent all Puffin sightings, and all Auks that are spotted then these would be two seperate alerts. When a Puffin was sent in to us you would then recieve 2 messages, one triggered by the Puffing alert that you had set up, and one from the Auks alert that was set up. If you aren't carefull then this could quickly get out of hand, so have a good think about it when you are setting alerts. It is also possible to delete alerts, and easily identify if there is an alert that is creating too many messages that are sent to you.

Another way of solving too many messages being sent to you would be to have them sent in a daily digest. This means that you wouldn't receive them immediatly, but they would all be included in one email that got sent out at the end of the day. You could also just have rare bird alerts sent to you, or a weekly digest.

If you have any questions about Alerts please contact us.

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