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Set up alerts for specific types of birds, or families of birds. You can receive an email, an sms or an iPhone alert when a spotting is reported. You can also set up alerts for bird status, for common, or rare bird alerts. More

Bird Finder
Birding News has a number of ways in which you can search for bird sightings. They can be restricted by bird, or bird family, to area, dates, times, maturity, sex and rarity, and any combination of the above. More

Bird Locations
All bird spottings that are posted can be sorted and displayed on a map for easy access to location data. This shows you quickly and easily what's close to you, whats clumped together, and what's too far to travel to.


Bird Finder - Information

Bird Finder
The Birding News Bird Finder lets you search our entire database using a number of different parameters to filter your results with. Once you have done the bird search, all of the results will be avaliable in a spreadsheet, which is downloadable as a csv. You can also vies all of the results on a map to easily view the location of each result.

Bird Searches
You can filter the search by the bird species, the bird family or the Alert Status. You can also search on the birds sex, maturity, dates and times of the bird sightings, and the area within which they were spotted. This gives you a lot of control over your searches, and lets you do some very specific ones.

The area search lets you specify a point on the map using latuitude and longitude and a distance. Any bird sightings that match the rest of your search criteria, and are within the specified distance of the point you chose, will be returned to you. If the area and distance are left blank in the search then all areas are included.

Example of the search
Choose "All Spotted Birds", and a point on the map (where you live, or are going for the weekend), and enter a distance of 25 miles. Enter a date from a couple of weeks ago as the start date, and todays date as the end date and hit search. This will bring you back all birds that have been spotted within 25 miles of the point you specified for the past 2 weeks. You can then view these on a map to see the exact areas of the sightings. If there are any that take your interest you can click on there entries to fing out a little more information.

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Enter your bird sightings, their details, and access them from anywhere. Sort them how you want them, export the data in a spreadsheet and show it on a map however you want it. Update your bird watching reports and delete any old ones you want to. More

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Post spottings, access current data, set up alerts and have new spottings sent to you in realtime out in the field. Access information from a map with gps tracking helping you to find the position of the birds you are interested in. More